2021 at the St. Augustine Guest House

Wendy and I made a decision after the new year.  We were going to do what we always talked about, spend the winter in St. Augustine as snowbirds.  On January 4th we packed everything in our work van and like the birds, we flew south for the winter, although we didn’t fly, we drove.  The drive itself wasn’t bad, it was 17 hours or so, door to door.  We stayed the first night in Baltimore and brought our own pillows to the hotel which was pretty empty so it was easy enough to be COVID-19 safe.  The next day it was a little longer and we drove to Savannah, GA and we really enjoyed it.  By Tuesday afternoon we were set up in the guest house for the foreseeable future.

We had guests in December and our kids, Sam, Baylee, and Ty stayed over the holidays through New Year’s Day and we currently are guests in our own guest house as the winter in Boston goes on without us and we work remotely as does our team at TeamBonding.  St. Augustine is the same as we left it when the pandemic started in March, much more the same than life in Boston as the city is open, restaurants are open, Nights of Lights happened and people came and are still coming.  We are wearing our masks, eating outside at the restaurants we love, listening to live music from afar, walking, biking, and boating.   We’re planning to go back home in April and open the guest house to guests again in April as more people get vaccinated here and at home.

We are happy to be here and are updating and upgrading the house that guests already love and we want to continue to improve the house for you and your family.  There may be no place like home but we want our guests to feel at home here in St. Augustine.

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