The ArtHouse in St. Augustine opens June 30 , 2023






I don’t really know what an industrial-style vacation rental is but I’m learning every day as we have been in the building mode for eight months (as of 1/23). The artsy warehouse is right behind Sanchez Suites and we hope to be finished by mid-February and move into it on March 1. We are looking forward to staying there as we furnish, decorate, and test out the amenities, including the outdoor shower.

What have I seen so far? 

The local architect did a great job planning and designing this warehouse. The builder is talented and engaging, and he aims to please as he and his team, oversee and build dry walls, brick walls, metal ceilings, cement, floors, metal walls, pocket doors, and the outdoor shower. The design has so much color that the people that have seen it so far walk in and go ‘Wow’. The kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets have been designed and created by a local cabinet maker and painted by a local artist. The furniture that arrived so far includes a nostalgic refrigerator, a table made of candy, Sticks furniture, and on the wall in the living room and kitchen is a Graffiti mural from a graffiti artist in Sarasota, who came and stayed in the house, and made one of his famous murals called, Spread Love. Plans are in the works for a Sarasota favorite called a Tube Dude as well as an outdoor mural in front of the warehouse with a scene from St Augustine. 

To say it will be nothing like it in St. Augustine is an understatement as there will be nothing like this, anywhere.  

A photoshoot will be scheduled soon and the reservation calendar will be open in March for May and beyond bookings. You can be one of the first people to stay in The ArtHouse! 

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