Nancy Hamlin Vogler is March Featured Artist at Butterfield

NANCY HAMLIN-VOGLER presents BACKYARD STUDIO KITCHEN, a new series of mixed media paintings throughout March at Butterfield Garage. The artist will be present on Friday, March 5th , from 11-7 and will lead a demo/Q&A on the gallery portico on Saturday, March 20th from 1-4 pm.

During the past year’s isolation, She became immersed in a still life series, in which studio ephemera and her environment appear in diverse contexts: abstracted, realistic, within an imagined location. Hamlin-Vogler treats her subjects intriguingly, mixing her favorite materials – paints, pastels, collage, and recycled silkscreens – often leaving the viewer hanging by a thread yet satisfied with multiple possibilities.

Nancy’s artistic life has flowed in a series of interesting transitions. While in graduate school to continue her studies in French Literature, she became enthralled with silkscreen printing after taking a printmaking class at the University of Maine. She designed a colorful series of fine art cards, later to become the trademark images for her greeting card company, Eastern Sun Printworks. Upon earning her M.A., she left Maine and the USA for a backpacking trip around the world. During those profound two and a half years, the traveler kept written and painted journals, collected kitchen utensils and fabrics from many countries and gathered a wealth of experience to enrich her life’s journey and fuel her creative resources. Her career as a fine artist had thus begun.

Fast forward 35 years – after hard work and accomplishment in printmaking, she has refocused her time to paint and experiment in her spacious studio near the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, FL. Active in the local art scene, Hamlin-Vogler is a Managing Member of Butterfield Garage, a member of the Art Association and has received numerous high awards in outdoor juried art shows. Last year during the pandemic, Last September, several of her paintings were selected for a stellar exhibition at Chrisp Ellert Art Museum “The Nameless Now, NE FL Artists Respond”.

In 2020, Nancy was recognized with an Art Ventures grand from The Community Foundation of Northeast FL, to explore and reinterpret the contemporary still life genre. Follow her creative journey on her website:

Butterfield Gallery is located at 137 King St, St. Augustine, is open daily from 11-5, and has free parking front and back.

“Worlds Apart” 22×28 acrylic mixed
“Where Blue Meets Green” 22×28 acrylic mixed
Studio shot (horiz)

PAM JAM Preview 2020 Virtual Poetry Reading

Special PAM JAM Preview during the October Ancient City Poets open mic reading.

Invited poets will read the poems that they wrote from being paired with an artist from the Butterfield Gallery. Fine art created during the poet/artist collaboration will also be worked into this presentation.

What’s a PAM Jam?

Back in August of last year, The Butterfield and the Ancient City Poets partnered to form a project named PAM Jam – Poets, Artists, and Musicians Spreading Joy. The inspiration was a project that featured 9 poets collaborating with one artist: Anna Miller. The show was called “Refractions”, and it was on display from January 15 to March 15, 2019, at the St. Johns County Administrative Building Rotunda.

This year, 18 fine artists from the Butterfield Gallery were paired with a poet partner from Ancient City Poets. The deadline for the finished poem and artwork from each paired collaboration team was April 1st of this year – right in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. PAM Jam became the perfect pandemic project. In isolation, writers and artists got to know each other through emails, text messages, zoom meetings, and late-night phone calls. Writers and artists bonded together, built new relationships with each other, and learned to ride out the new normal. When the poems and paintings were completed, musicians were brought in to add another layer to the collaboration process.

On October 25th, the Ancient City Poets will hold a poetry reading at 3 pm online through zoom featuring the 18 poets and their poems from the inaugural PAM Jam. The event will be streamed through FB Live to the group’s Facebook page :